Today, about 50 percent of businesses invest in professional search engine optimization (SEO) services. Before your company starts doing SEO, it is very important to answer these two questions: What is SEO and what should an SEO company’s services include?

Definition of SEO services

SEO services are services that are usually offered by an SEO agency to help your business appear at the top of search engine results. With the help of SEO, a business usually aims to increase its visibility in Google search results.

Since Google is a search engine, it looks at more than 200 factors to determine a website’s position in search results. It is for this reason that it is important to work with an SEO agency.

7 Things Your SEO Contractors Should Do

Each agency has its own approach, but it is important that they perform the following several tasks:

1. SEO audit

During the audit, you need to understand exactly how to work with the site in the future, which points meet the requirements of the search engine and which points need improvement, how exactly the site can be improved so that it is more convenient and understandable to use. It is important to evaluate competitors and analyze their sites.

Of course, you can use free SEO audit tools, but they don’t provide the full picture like a professional audit. If SEO does not start with an audit, then this indicates insufficient qualifications of SEO contractors.

2. Analysis of competitors

No matter what business you are in, competitor analysis with your SEO services. With the help of competitor analysis tools, your SEO company can find online and offline competitors. This information should help in comparing the work plan with the project. Many customers do not know their competitors online, although they know who their competitors are offline. These can be both the same companies and different ones.

3. Working with links

When you invest in SEO services, your package should include link work. This is still one of the main factors in promoting a site, so it is important to have quality sites linking to your site. For example, a restaurant chef might link to your website when sharing his recipes, and your website is about selling cookware. Most studios offer work with a Google My Business profile, which should also be taken into account when choosing contractors.

4. Optimization of website pages

This is another important component in SEO.

A few examples of some of the results of on-page SEO services include:

Updated title, meta description and h1 tags
Audit your website’s information architecture.
Creating a site map.
Optimizing your site’s images for search engine requirements.
Website optimization with content for relevant key queries.
Analysis of usability, site page loading speed and design.
5. Monthly reports

Transparency is essential when it comes to SEO services. You want an agency that your team can trust and rely on, so partnering with an SEO company that provides regular monthly reports is critical. For example, it’s most convenient to highlight your website’s organic traffic, conversion rate, and results rankings in the report. In addition to the report on the completed work, it is important to receive financial reporting, as it is important to record exactly which funds go to the purchase of links.

In addition to receiving a monthly report, your SEO company’s services should also include an offline or online meeting with your project manager. It is important to communicate between the client and the agency to understand the common goals of the project.

6. Constant optimization

SEO is a constant job. That is why the agency’s services should include constant optimization and work on the site. Even after your site meets SEO standards, they continue to find ways to improve the site and project, allowing you to earn more from your SEO business. It is important to review the semantic core, because after 3-6 months new requests may appear, and it is important to optimize the site for them.

It is critical for your business to work with an agency that can see the potential of your site and the various options for its development.

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