The client

Website of a car importer in Ukraine


Google Ads

Promotion region

Regions of Ukraine

About the project

The company is an importer of Chinese cars in Ukraine

Tasks from the client
  1. 1. In the last months of cooperation with contractors for contextual advertising, the marketing department was dissatisfied with the results of achieving conversions with Google advertising, there was a suspicion of “draining the advertising budget.”
  3. 2. Therefore, the main task was the advertising office.
  5. 3. Suggest how we can improve the performance of contextual advertising for the project.

1. The communication started with the analysis of Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts by our specialists.

2. During the audit of Google Analytics, we noticed that the analytics for the period in the last 3 months from 08.03.2021 to 08.06.2021 did not achieve any significant conversion, such as:

“Test drive entry”, “filling out a test drive form” that are important to the company and reflect the goals of the ad, while minor conversions were achieved in large numbers, although past goals were not interesting for tracking and statistics because they only showed traffic certain pages of the site.

3. All advertising campaigns were advertised with automatic strategies, which did not allow to influence the settings and results of campaigns.

4. Key queries worked in a wide range of matches, so a large amount of non-targeted traffic went to the site and extra money was spent on the client’s advertising budget.

5. There were no negative requests in the company, which led to attracting irrelevant traffic and also to the extra costs of the client.

Стара ціль в аналітиці "Перегляд сторінки JS2"

Problem solving and results

1. Before the start of cooperation in advertising, our team checked the site and prepared a list of recommendations for the client to correct errors, because the top line of the site did not work and for this reason a number of pages of the site did not work properly.

2. We recommended connecting IP telephony in the company to be able to collect more data about our CA, to have an understanding of which departments of the company receive the call and from which source.

3. Reconfiguring the structure of the advertising account.

4. Adjustment of advertising to those regions where advertising was to be present

5. Launch of advertising in Ukrainian and Russian

6. Reconfigure goals in Google Analytics and import goals

7. Reconfiguring audiences for remarketing

8. Set up remarketing campaigns

9. Connect call tracking and import goals into analytics

10. Set goals so that you can understand how many new calls are coming to the contextual advertising company, because in addition to selling cars, there are other departments.

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