Delivery of drinking water in Kyiv and Kyiv region


Google Ads + Google Merchant Center + Google Analytics


Very high

About project

This client come to us with a big problem with Google Advertasing. They don’t have 

Tasks from the client

1.Reduce the cost-per-click

2.Reduce the cost for 1 lead

3.Set goals in

Google Analytics

4.Increase the volume of the sales

Solving the tasks

1. Аnalysis the data from the Google Analytics, because access to the client’s Google Ads account hasn’t before.
2. Analysis the site and creating the recommendations for their correction.
3. Creating the new Google Ads account.
4. Creating keywords and account’s structure for advertising, creating advertisements.
5. Creating the campaigns with the targeting to Kyiv’s residential complexes кампаній.
6. Resetting and import targets in Google

7. Setting up advertising campaigns for geographical principle, because the business works only in some districts in Kyiv so not all districts are necessary in advertising.
8. Set up audiences for remarketing in Google Analytics.
9. Work with-words.
10. Work with the types of rates.
11. Search and add websites for not showing remarketing campaigns.

Results of the cooperation

We compare the results of work for the period of cooperation with our company and other companys May 10 – June 22 and March 27 – May 9

The budget was the same –  22 000 UAH

The traffic growth is 126%, the cost of 1 visit to the website is less than 2 years ago  

We can compare the results of our work and with another agency:

October 23, 2020 – January 31, 2021 

and period 

October 23, 2019 – January 31, 2020

The budget was the same in both periods.

We’ve achieved 83% traffic growth and decreased the cost of one click.

The cost of one lead was 77 UAH, which is less in 3.5 times than at the previous agency.

result for a first 1,5 month cooperation
23.10.2019-31.01.2020 та 23.10.2020-31.01.2021