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About the prodject

Manufacturing company – engaged in the production of equipment. It supplies its products to various countries around the world. The client turned to us with a desire to conduct a paid analysis of the actions of the then partners of Internet promotion. Well, you understand the result, even Google Analytics was not on the site.

Tasks from the client

1. Analysis of advertising companies

2. Analysis of the site in terms of SEO-promotion.

3. Increase the number of appeals to the company.

Solving the problem

1. Detailed analysis of Google advertising account.

2. Connect Google Tag Manager and install Google Analytics, and set goals on the site

3. Connect to the CallTracking site from our Ringostat partners.

4. Collection of the semantic core

5. Writing a technical task and its implementation by our staff programmer.

6. Constant purchase of links (both crowd links and articles)

7. As for Google advertising, after optimization from our specialists, we will receive high-quality traffic, which we see in the reports in Google Analytics and in the Ringostat office on Dinks.

8. Monthly reports that we work in Google Data Studio, on the basis of which we do optimization of advertising campaigns.

And much more has been done for our client.

The results received by the client

To sum up, the growth in SEO traffic promotion by over 100%

As for Google advertising, we have 7% of visits to the contacts page, data from the Ringostat office is only half the time of our cooperation, but the data is almost identical.

Результати з SEO-просування
Результати з Google реклами