Google Ads

Region promotion

USA, Canada, Australia, Europa, Sweden and etc

About the project

Tourism was divided into before and after Covid-19, so our work has also changed dramatically, because every hryvnia is worth its weight in gold.

Tasks from the client

1. Analysis of the Google Ads advertising cabinet.

2. Optimization of advertising budgets.

3. Reconfiguring Google’s office under “Covid Reality”.

Solving the problem

1. Adjustment of information in the ads.
2. Add new text ads.
3. Expanding key demands on competitors.
4. Work with the types of matching key queries.
5. Development of banners for CMS.
6. Analysis of placements on irrelevant and ineffective sites.
7. Adjust bids by device type.
8. Analysis of conversion RK in KMS, adjusting the schedule of ad impressions taking into account the most conversion time of day.
9. Suspension of the ad group in the CMS with ineffective targeting.
10. Analysis and control of advertising positions.
11. Adjusting rates.
12. Work with extensions (prices, structured descriptions, additional links).
13. Work with search queries, expanding the list of negative keywords based on them.
14. Work with search queries to expand key queries.
15. Analysis and redistribution of daily budgets.

The results we received

Even in this difficult year of “Covid Realities” we managed to show good results, of course before the quarantine period there were better results, but we can not equate these periods.