Online store selling car oil


Google Ads/Google Analytics/Google Shopping


Reduce your monthly advertising budget

About the project

Online store of the Liqui-Moly monobrand in Ukraine.

Tasks from the client

1. Reduce the monthly advertising budget by 2 times per quarter at the same time, do not reduce the number of orders through the site basket.

2. Google Merchant settings.

3. Set goals in Google Analytics to effectively track LCD performance.

Solving the problem

1. Audit of the account, which showed that it is necessary to redesign the structure of the advertising office to work effectively with the account, collect 0 requests in Ukrainian and Russian, refine RK Remarketing to make it work correctly.

2. Set up micro and macro conversions in Google Analytics.

3. Development and configuration of RK in the contextual media network and in the contextual media network targeted to remarketing lists.

4. Regular work with search queries in order to expand the negative keywords, which allowed to reduce traffic to a minimum.

5. Development, commissioning and launch of a commercial advertising campaign.

6. Regular adjustment of rates (analysis of CTR, positions, cost-per-clicks), as a consequence of cost optimization and gaining an advantage in positions among competitors.

Results of cooperation

  • Results of work for the first month
    1) Reduced advertising budget by 25%
    2) Increased the number of conversions by 325% – through the cart.

    3) Reduced the cost of one click by 15%