Online store of children’s medical equipment


Google Ads, Google Shopping, Google Analytics



About project

We are start work with a client when he only created the story, we are work more than 3 years.

Tasks from the client

1. Increase sales with Google advertising.

2. Tracking of each category of goods on ROI not less than 200%.

3. Scaling of the project.

Solving the problem

1. Development of campaigns for prioritization and margin.

2. Connect a Call-Tracking system to track sales results from calls.

3. Launch of trade campaigns.

4. Preparation of Terms of Reference for the programmer to run dynamic remarketing.

5. Adjustment of rates for mobile devices + 10%, for desktop platform -10%.

Performance metrics with Google Ads

In a short period of time, namely in one month we managed to achieve a significant improvement in results:

1. Growth of direct transactions by 87% in terms of e-commerce

2. 75% increase in associated conversions

3. Connection of Call-Tracking system from Ringostat, which allowed to track sales from phone calls.