Service for update electronic of the cars


Google Ads/Google Analytics

Tasks from client

Getting maximum leads

About the project

Service for update electronic of the cars from USA

Tasks from the client:

1.Start advertising from the beginning

2.Attracting the largest number of leads

3.Establish an online shopping to the company

4.Invest the fix budget – 350 USD

Вирішення завдання​
    1. 1. Niche analysis in these sphere.
      2. Installation and configuration Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.
    2. 3. Creating an advertising account Google


    1. 4. Creating an advertising campaigns:grouping key queries by brands and models.
    2. 5. Setting up advertising campaigns on a geographical basis, as the service station is located in Kyiv.
    3. 6. Set up the remarketing list.
    4. 7. Work with negative keywords in all search campaigns.
    5. 8. Work with types of rates.
    6. 9.Extension negative websites to show remarketing campaigns.

The results of the our work

  • Period November 30, 2020 –

    February 10, 2021.

    As you can see from the screenshot, the ad was paused for almost a month due to the fact that in the first 18 days of advertising the client received a large number of applications and had to stop advertising.

  • Отже, результати:

  • 1) 320 USD was spent for the all period of work.

    2) The conversion rate is 15,61 %.

    3) The cost of one click is 0.6 USD.