Ukrainian label manufacturer


Google Ads + Google Shopping + Google Analytics


Improve current advertising performance

About the project

Ukrainian label manufacturer

Tasks from the client
  1. 1. There were few sales and very few calls to the company
    2. To invest less money in advertising
    3. Make more profit from advertising.
    4. Increase the number of incoming calls and sales
Solving the problem
  1. 1. Analysis of the advertising campaign strategy.
    2. Search for errors in the settings and new keywords.
    3. Creating a new advertising strategy.
    4. Creating new groups and disconnecting ineffective groups. 
    5. Development of banners for display campaigns.
    6. Analysis of placements, with the exception of irrelevant and ineffective.
    7. Analysis of conversion campaigns and disconnecting ineffective campaigns.
    8. Analysis and control of positions, correcting rates.
    9. Work with extensions (prices, structured descriptions, additional links).
  2. 10. Work with search queries, and expand the list of negative words based on them.
  3. 11. Analysis and redistribution of budgets. 

The results of the optimization

1) Increase the number of calls per month from 27 to 158

2) Increase the number of baskets from 88 to 128